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ParentsNext: helping parents of young children to be work ready

ParentsNext image showing a young parent watching her child running towards her, sun shining.

Raising young children is a very important role. Combining parenting and preparing for work can be a challenge. ParentsNext helps you plan and prepare for work by the time your children are at school. In Burnie, WISE Employment has partnered with Youth, Family and Community Connections (YFCC) to bring ParentsNext to eligible families. We offer you a friendly, tailored service to help you plan a pathway to your education and work goals. 

How can ParentsNext help you?

ParentsNext assists you to plan and prepare for work by the time your youngest child goes to school.

Download the ParentsNext brochure.


ParentsNext will support you to:

  • identify your education and employment goals
  • develop a pathway to achieve your goals
  • combine preparing for work with your parenting responsibilities
  • access services in the local community

If needed, ParentsNext Projects also helps you to:

  • increase your educational qualifications
  • identify and address barriers to employment
  • develop the practical skills needed to get a job
  • find out about child care fee assistance

Are you eligible?

You may be eligible for ParentsNext if you live in Burnie, have not been in paid employment in the last six months, and your youngest child is under six years old.

Contact ParentsNext at WISE Employment Burnie:

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