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Forging a new career as apprentice

From left to right: WISE Employment Liaison Officer, James Saba, job seeker Benjamin James, employer Paul Ashman and job seeker Lyndon Beavan-Turner.

Lyndon 21, was a secondary school student with Aspergers, low self-esteem and low self-confidence when he arrived at WISE.

Although he was initially keen to study and work in the IT industry, we helped him to look further afield. Now he is thriving as a happy, confident apprentice with a steel fabricator.

Lyndon loved working with computers and he successfully completed a TAFE Certificate II in Information Technology 2009. While he was doing the course, we coached and mentored him to prepare him for work. We helped Lyndon to get paid work with a computer assembly and repair company but due to a downturn in the industry that role only lasted three months. He looked for other work in the IT field but he also told us he was interested in doing an apprenticeship.

We called Paul Ashman at Stain Ash, a local steel fabrication company in Western Sydney, and asked whether he could help. He agreed to interview Lyndon and we coached him on interview techniques, helped him with clothes and shoes and accompanied him during the interview.

Paul was impressed with Lyndon’s attitude and desire to work and created an apprenticeship for him in engineering fabrication steel. After he started work, we stayed in touch via telephone and site visits. Paul is working closely with Lyndon, training him and building his confidence in the work environment and helping him on the road to a meaningful, long-term career.

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