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Interskills training kick-starts aged care career for Sandra

Sharon (left) from Interskills Training with former student Sandra who found work in aged care following SEE language, literacy and numeracy training.

Former Interskills Training student Sandra had not set foot in a classroom for nearly 30 years until she successfully completed an aged care qualification in July.

Sandra was one of a group of ten students who have seen their career goals rapidly improve thanks to collaboration between registered training organisations Interskills Training and Equals International. The latter provided the Cert III in Aged care, while Interskills Training trainer Sharon ensured successful outcomes by supporting the students’ language, literacy and numeracy skills via the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program.

This proved a winning combination for Sandra who was anxious about returning to study after a big gap and keen to do well.

“The last time I did an assignment was in 1987, so I was stressed about how I would go with this course. But the help and support from Sharon at Interskills Training really reduced my anxiety and I thought ‘oh, I can do this.’”

Sandra says the course has made a big difference to her life. After 20 years as a foster-carer she was looking for a change but didn’t know what direction to take. She hasn’t looked back since taking the course which has kick-started her career in aged care, an industry she describes as perfect for her.

Interskills Training trainer Sharon supported Sandra and her classmates through the entire course and has worked with many people who have been out of study for a long time. She has seen how low language, numeracy or literacy skills really impacts people – from everyday things like filling in forms or handling money to more significant issues like restricting their personal or career development.

“Some people have bad experiences with their previous learning, so they really blossom when they come into a supportive environment and work at a pace that suits them,” said Sharon.

Sharon said how rewarding it is to see confidence rise in students like Sandra when they improve their skills through training. “I know Sandra will go on to do all sorts of things she didn’t think possible now that she has lost that fear of studying and walking into a classroom,” she said.

“Getting through the door on the first day of the course is the hardest thing. After that, Interskills Training will be there to support every step of the way so it gets easier,” she added.

The future looks bright for Sandra and her success has even inspired her husband to take the same training course and open up new possibilities through learning.

Funded by the Australian Government, Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) is designed to help job seekers participate more effectively in training or in the labour force.
To find out more about Interskills and the SEE program, go to interskills.edu.au or call 1800 779574.