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Despite severe anxiety, Patrick finds renewed focus working as cook at Mexi’s Takeaway

Despite severe anxiety, Patrick finds renewed focus working as cook at Mexi’s Takeaway

Before arriving at WISE Employment, Patrick used to socially isolate himself and stay at home most days. He suffers from severe anxiety and prefers not to get personal with people, but explains that WISE helped him find a job that suited him and his passion for cooking.

Having never been employed prior to engaging WISE, Patrick’s Employment Consultant recommended that he take part in the GOLDCLASS program. GOLDCLASS is a program offered through WISE designed to help clients prepare for their job search through teaching interview skills, conducting mock interviews, offering advice on one’s presentation and helping to build motivation. Patrick excelled in these classes and with the desire to become a cook one day, went on to complete a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery. Soon after, he secured a job at Mexi’s Takeaway with the assistance of WISE.

Patrick explains that beyond the skills taught in the GOLDCLASS sessions, WISE also helped him to discover roles in an area he was passionate about.

“WISE helped me to really think about what I wanted to do and then found me employment in that area. On my first day of work I got scared and had a panic attack, but WISE helped me through it,” he says.

“At the restaurant I prep and cook food, clean and close up.”

After starting work at the takeaway restaurant, Patrick has found that it has helped him to find more purpose in life.

“Having a job has helped me progress in life and build skills in cooking and talking to people. It has given me something to do and work for and I’m getting better at what I do,” Patrick says.

Patrick’s employer, Yash, who is one of the owners at the restaurant, emphasises that he completely trusts Patrick to do a fantastic job and that he works well in a team.

“Patrick is a good learner, he completes each task precisely. He is a solid worker and is one of our top helpers” Yash explains.

“When I first got told about Patrick, I wanted to find out about his capabilities because my perception was that I couldn’t push him as hard because of what he suffers from. As I got to know him I realised I could push him as hard as any other staff member”.

“People think someone with a disability is bad for business because of inefficiencies, but it’s just not true. These misconceptions create a barrier and employers should really try giving people with disabilities a go.”

Yash is adamant that there have been no disadvantages to hiring Patrick and that he is one of their most dedicated staff members and a valuable part of the team. 

“Patrick is always there to support the team. We’re a team of ten and everyone respects each other.”

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