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Case Studies

Me in a Minute: Preparation Tips

13th October 2015

Me in a Minute
Preparation Tips

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Sophie Mill, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

Sophie is a fine contemporary artist who for 20 years has exhibited in Australia, Italy and the USA. She has also published an acclaimed book, The Woman in the Distance, which explores creativity, love, ideas and mental illness – a book in which she shares her experiences of living with bipolar 2 disorder.

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Jen Aboki, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

Jen is curious by nature and loves learning. Someday she would love a house with a library stacked to the ceiling with books, both for their knowledge and their beauty.

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Zac Anderson, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

Like any 21-year old, Zac loves both listening to and playing music, seeing friends and bike riding. The main difference is that Zac does all of this whilst living with bipolar disorder. Zac was diagnosed in early 2013 after a particularly long depressive episode preceded by periods of hypomania.

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Vonita Taylor, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

Vonita is a mother of two who works two jobs and recently completed Certificate 4 in Mental Health at TAFE. Vonita is a go-getter, who loves playing soccer and also has a keen interest in the metaphysical world, UFOs and the like.

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Melissa de Silva, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

Melissa was born in Singapore in 1969 and moved to Australia when she was five years old. Working full time as a caseworker, she gives advice to students and provides advocacy where necessary.

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Matthias Nudl, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

At 46 years old, Matthias has lived with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and depression since childhood, but this has not dulled his creative endeavours. A member of Milk Crate Theatre, he loves singing, creative writing, acting and painting.

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LuLu Joy, WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedian

28th August 2014

LuLu describes herself as a recovering serial social entrepreneur in that everything that she has done has personally and professionally had to have a social purpose. Now at age 50, she has decided to completely change direction and is dedicating herself to self-expression and creative pursuits. She sees her participation in WISE Stand Up For Mental Health as an important step down this path.

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22nd May 2014

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The WISE Stand Up for Mental Health comedians and team on stage at Deakin Edge Fed Square in Melbourne.

Shell Refinery’s WISE Stand Up for Mental Health (comedy for change) testimonial

2nd April 2014

“The WISE Stand Up for Mental Health show at Shell Refinery for Movember was a fantastic success. We had over 100 people attend and to see them laughing and enthralled in the show was brilliant.

Reducing the stigma associated around mental health is such an important issue. I think this was driven home to all when nearly the whole room raised their hands to say they know someone with a mental illness. It is an issue that reaches far and wide in our society and we should all be doing something about it.

The comics put a human face to those living with mental illness in a funny, intelligent and articulate manner which touched many in the room. The discussions I heard post the event suggest that the topic certainly hit a nerve with many of our employees. I have had nothing but glowing reports about the show and I think it will be the talk of the refinery for some time to come. Thank you to all of you for making the show such a great success.”

– Rebecca Heywood - Health, Safety, Security and Environment Advisor, UGL.

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