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WISE Employment helps employers to find the right staff, and job seekers to find meaningful work via Disability Employment Services and jobactive employment programs. 

Office workers working on computers: Find the right staff with the employment assistance of WISE Employment.

We can help you find the right staff

WISE Employment helps you find the right staff, and provides ongoing support. Our services are free to eligible businesses. We have great people from diverse backgrounds who are ready to start work now. Your business may qualify for wage subsidies when you appoint staff in ongoing roles. Call WISE Employment on 1800 685 105.

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We can help you find a job

If you have been out of work for a day, months or years, we can help. We get to know you so we can carefully tailor our services to your specific training, health and living needs. We empower you with the skills and confidence to get and keep meaningful work.

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Young Mom with kids: Find out about training courses by WISE Employment via Interskills. We offer training courses for job seekers and employers.

We help you build your skills through training

Our training courses help you build the skills you need to get and keep a job or to improve your life. Training courses include daily life skills, resume writing, interview techniques and certificates in business, hospitality and retail.

Interskills Training (RTO 6653) is the training arm of WISE Employment. Please visit Interskills for training courses and training-related information.

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WISE Employment assists over 10,000 eligible job seekers into jobs each year. We have 28 main offices and 32 outreach offices across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

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WISE Employment sponsors Victorian FIDA Football League Metro Conference 2018. :will open new window

WISE Employment sponsors Victorian FIDA Football League Metro Conference 2018

We're very proud to announce that WISE is sponsoring the Victorian FIDA (Football Integration Development Association) Football League Metro Conference, governed by AFL Victoria, in 2018. The Victorian FIDA Football League provides Victorians who have an intellectual disability the opportunity to participate in Australian Rules Football at a competitive level. The partnership with WISE will encourage people with a disability to play Australian Football and assist them to find employment across Victoria. WISE Employment has been providing support and opportunities for meaningful employment to job seekers with a disability for over 25 years. We look forward to being a part of the league, and wish all the players and teams the best of luck for the upcoming season.

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WISE Employment celebrates 25 years of service :will open new window

WISE Employment celebrates 25 years of service

We're celebrating our 25th birthday this year! We’re delighted to celebrate 25 years of serving and enriching the lives of a variety of people in our community – from people with a disability or mental illness, to refugees and Indigenous Australians. WISE Employment’s founding board members also share their experiences and motivations in providing new pathways to employment and developing a range of specialist programs. Counting down to International Day for People with Disability on 3 December, over the coming days/weeks, we will be sharing 25 faces and 25 stories representing a sample of the thousands of people we have helped into work over the last 25 years. We hope you enjoy reading and sharing these.

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Jonathon, who has autism, slam-dunks goals on and off court :will open new window

Jonathon, who has autism, slam-dunks goals on and off court

At 25, Jonathon is determined to not let autism get in the way of living a full and active life. With the support of WISE Employment Preston, he started working at café and commercial kitchen, becca FOODSTORE five years ago. Forming a close friendship with his employer, Rebecca, Jonathon is an important member of the team, beloved by customers and the community. For Jonathon, having a job has meant more confidence and independence. He spends his weekends on the basketball court, sharing meals with his girlfriend, and loves going to concerts. Rebecca encourages other employers looking to take on someone with a disability to take the leap. “Invest in someone and you’ll get an invaluable employee. This is Jonathon’s place, his home away from home.”

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Susy, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, found flexible work with help from WISE Employment Prahran. :will open new window

Susy challenges stigma of disability in the workplace

Susy, who has Rheumatoid Arthritis, found that having an invisible illness made it difficult for her to find an employer that would be understanding of her needs. However, after connecting with WISE Employment Prahran, Susy secured a role at Karista, a start-up disability and aged care comparison website. The match has been so successful that Susy and employer, Danielle, has formed not only a great working relationship but also a friendship. “After meeting with WISE, I knew it wasn’t about ‘just placing someone’; they took the time to understand my business and fulfil my needs,” says Danielle. I was after an intelligent, motivated individual with the right attitude, and they found that person in Susy. I couldn’t be happier with the work Susy is doing.”

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Ben lives with an intellectual disability and has been working as a loyal employee for the Manningham City Council for over 14 years. :will open new window

Job in Jeopardy program helps Ben keep his job of 14 years

Ben lives with an intellectual disability and has been working as a loyal employee for the Manningham City Council for over 14 years. His current role was created in 2014 when his position at the time was deemed a job in jeopardy. Job in Jeopardy is a service to help people stay in work if they risk losing their jobs through illness, injury or disability. Seeking support with the transition between roles, Ben and his employer, John, connected with WISE Employment Preston. John is very impressed with Ben’s work: “There are currently three people with a disability working in my department and I’m stoked to have them on my team. I would encourage other businesses to give everyone a chance. I’m confident that they’d be happy with the work delivered.”

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