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Change your life by employing someone who has a disability. Call Souzan on 0419015329, or click through to lodge your job vacancies with WISE and read more about our free recruitment services.

WISE Employment helps employers to find the right staff, and job seekers to find meaningful work via Disability Employment Services and jobactive employment programs.

Office workers working on computers: Find the right staff with the employment assistance of WISE Employment.

We can help you find the right staff

WISE Employment helps you find the right staff, and provides ongoing support. Our services are free to eligible businesses. We have great people from diverse backgrounds who are ready to start work now. Your business may qualify for wage subsidies when you appoint staff in ongoing roles. Call WISE Employment on 1800 685 105.

Register a job vacancy with WISE.

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Two people smiling: Register your interest as a WISE job seeker; find a job with the assistance of WISE Employment.

We can help you find a job

If you have been out of work for a day, months or years, we can help. We get to know you so we can carefully tailor our services to your specific training, health and living needs. We empower you with the skills and confidence to get and keep meaningful work.

Register your interest as a WISE job seeker.

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Young Mom with kids: Find out about training courses by WISE Employment via Interskills. We offer training courses for job seekers and employers.

We help you build your skills through training

Our training courses help you build the skills you need to get and keep a job or to improve your life. Training courses include daily life skills, resume writing, interview techniques and certificates in business, hospitality and retail.

Interskills Training (RTO 6653) is the training arm of WISE Employment. Please visit Interskills for training courses and training-related information.

Graphic image depicting humans holding hands to make it look like a 'tree' of humans: Find your nearest local WISE Employment office.

WISE Employment assists over 10,000 eligible job seekers into jobs each year. We have 28 main offices and 32 outreach offices across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

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SEE Interskills trainer Maxine (left) with Interskills Training client, Jennifer (right). :will open new window

English skills help Jennifer SEE way to new job

When Jennifer first arrived in Australia her English skills were non-existent, her work options limited and her future uncertain. With the help of the Interskills Training team and the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program, Jennifer is now on the right track with a job she loves and a bright future.

Jennifer moved to Australia from Croatia several years ago and although she boasted fluency in five languages, English was not among them. Her first job was cutting cauliflowers but she wanted to do something more and found herself in the capable hands of Interskills who enrolled her in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program to improve her language, literacy and numeracy.

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WISE Employment Disability Open Days give job seekers, their carers and families the opportunity to find out more about disability employment. :will open new window

WISE Disability Open Days shed light on positive role of employment

We’re launching a series of Disability Open Days across New South Wales, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. At these free events, job seekers who have a disability will have the opportunity to ask questions and obtain information about disability employment, as well as meet with their local WISE staff members and people in their community who can support them in finding and keeping meaningful work. Local job seekers who have a disability and are looking for work, or wanting to find out more information about disability employment in general, as well as carers, family members and referring agencies are encouraged to book a spot at one of our Disability Open Days by calling or emailing their local participating WISE office. Click through for details.

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With help from WISE Employment, Cynthia found work as a graphic designer despite her anxiety. Image of Cynthia at her work desk. :will open new window

Cynthia flourishes in first job as graphic designer despite anxiety

Before Cynthia came to WISE Employment Parramatta in late 2015, her anxiety and self doubt had formed a seemingly insurmountable barrier to the working world. She was eager to find work as graphic designer after three long years. Cynthia and her WISE Consultant worked together to develop her resume and began investigating possible roles that would gel with her interest and skills. Fast forward six months and Cynthia is doing well in her new graphic designer role, building her skills and contributing to the creative projects the team delivers. “Now that I’ve got a job and am working in a team I feel less anxious in other situations. I’m a bit more outgoing and chatty, and I think I’m happier too."

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Diane, with employer David at The Fitting Belt Company. Diane found a job with the help of WISE Employment Marrickville's Disability Employment Servic :will open new window

From anxiety to admin superstar – Diane aces her new role

After completing high school, Diane came to WISE Employment Marrickville for support in finding employment. WISE helped Diane secure an administrative role at The Fitting Belt Company by providing advice on her resume, applications and cover letters; they also drove her to the job interview on the day. “In addition to working with amazing people, what I love most about my job is the routine. I enjoy going in to work, talking to people and having financial independence. I also enjoy my weekends and get excited when they arrive,” says Diane.

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Bianca loves her job working outdoors and with nature. She found her role with the help of WISE Employment Devonport's Disability Employment Services. :will open new window

Epilepsy and learning disability no barrier to Bianca’s dream of working outdoors

Bianca certainly has a green thumb; she’s passionate about nature, loves camping and being outdoors. With all of this in mind, WISE Employment Devonport managed to help Bianca secure a job she loves at Kelpomix where she is responsible for preparing and packing a range of products to meet farming and gardening needs. "What I like most about working at Kelpomix is giving back to nature," says Bianca. "I just love it! I love being outdoors and working with nature."

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