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Nicole Findlay of WISE awarded national Excellence in Indigenous Employment Award

WISE Employment helps employers to find the right staff, and job seekers to find meaningful work via Disability Employment Services and jobactive employment programs. 

Office workers working on computers: Find the right staff with the employment assistance of WISE Employment.

We can help you find the right staff

WISE Employment helps you find the right staff, and provides ongoing support. Our services are free to eligible businesses. We have great people from diverse backgrounds who are ready to start work now. Your business may qualify for wage subsidies when you appoint staff in ongoing roles. Call WISE Employment on 1800 685 105.

Register a job vacancy with WISE.

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Two people smiling: Register your interest as a WISE job seeker; find a job with the assistance of WISE Employment.

We can help you find a job

If you have been out of work for a day, months or years, we can help. We get to know you so we can carefully tailor our services to your specific training, health and living needs. We empower you with the skills and confidence to get and keep meaningful work.

Register your interest as a WISE job seeker.

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Young Mom with kids: Find out about training courses by WISE Employment via Interskills. We offer training courses for job seekers and employers.

We help you build your skills through training

Our training courses help you build the skills you need to get and keep a job or to improve your life. Training courses include daily life skills, resume writing, interview techniques and certificates in business, hospitality and retail.

Interskills Training (RTO 6653) is the training arm of WISE Employment. Please visit Interskills for training courses and training-related information.

Graphic image depicting humans holding hands to make it look like a 'tree' of humans: Find your nearest local WISE Employment office.

WISE Employment assists over 10,000 eligible job seekers into jobs each year. We have 28 main offices and 32 outreach offices across New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and the Northern Territory. 

Find your local WISE Employment office.


Clean Force is growing its commercial cleaning and grounds maintenance services in western Sydney thanks to a grant from Sydney Motorway Corporation. :will open new window

Clean Force receives grant to grow services in western Sydney

WISE social enterprise Clean Force Property Services is growing its commercial cleaning and grounds maintenance services in western Sydney thanks to a grant received from Sydney Motorway Corporation. Clean Force, a multi-award winning social enterprise with a social purpose to provide employment for people with disability, including mental illness, can now establish another gardening crew and potentially employ a further four to six full-time employees. This is strongly aligned with Sydney Motorway Corporation’s sustainability objectives of building skills, employment opportunities and economic development for communities along the WestConnex corridor.

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WISE Employment Job Fairs 2017 :will open new window

Recruit staff free of charge at WISE Employment job fairs 2017

Local businesses in VIC, NT and NSW are invited to recruit staff and register job vacancies in support of improving the lives of locals through employment. Join WISE Employment, local businesses and community leaders as, together, we help create local jobs for local people at our job fairs 2017. At each job fair, local businesses will have the chance to showcase their businesses and interview pre-screened local job seekers who have been selected as a good match.

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Frank (middle), who has schizophrenia, found his first job with help from WISE Employment Preston. :will open new window

Frank, who has schizophrenia, is doing well in his first job

“I was naturally a little nervous when I first started, but I overcame it,” says Frank. “The other workers are really helpful and my boss is very nice.” For Frank, who has schizophrenia, the stability of a job and solid work routine has helped him develop more confidence and motivation. The WISE Preston team keeps delivering ongoing post-placement support to Frank, checking in weekly with him to ensure he’s enjoying the role and doing okay. Well done, Frank!

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Dylan found full-time work with assistance from WISE Employment Penrith. :will open new window

Determination pays off for Dylan with full-time employment

For Dylan, having job security and a reliable work schedule has always been a priority and when the opportunity to work full-time in the Oobi Baby warehouse came up with assistance from WISE Employment Penrith, he was ready. According to employer Stevan, Dylan slotted right in and was very keen to start work. He’s even taken the initiative to suggest productivity improvements in the warehouse. “Previously, I was in a bit of a slump’, says Dylan. ‘As soon as I got a job, I felt better. My main goal now is to be more active and motivated; the job has certainly helped with that.”

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Jon from WISE Employment Hindmarsh (left), with Head Chef Matthew (middle) and Charlie (right), owner of Nice 'N' Tasty cafe and snack bar (right) :will open new window

Hindmarsh café tells Matthew he’ll always have a job to come back to

Hindmarsh café and snack bar Nice ‘N Tasty, who has hired eight staff members through WISE Hindmarsh, recently added Head Chef Matthew to their team. Being in and out of hospital, Matthew struggled to maintain a steady job. Before coming to WISE, Matthew had been told it’d be virtually impossible for him to find an employer who would understand his condition. The team at WISE Hindmarsh were quick to disprove this. Café owner Charlie is adamant that despite how unwell Matthew gets, he’ll always have a job to come back to. ‘Charlie’s given me a chance to live a normal life and go back to being a chef, whereas before I was in pain and miserable wondering when I’d be fit enough to return to work,’ says Matthew. ‘Having an employer that’s behind me and that’s understanding and supportive means the world to me.’

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