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Community engagement

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WISE Employment connects with people and organisations interested in helping disadvantaged jobseekers to improve their lives through employment and training.

We work with a range of organisations and partners including:

  • community
  • not-for-profit
  • government
  • non-government
  • commercial business
  • employers
  • services
  • education and training
  • community centres.

Read more about the success stories of WISE community engagement.



Why we value partnerships

Developing community partnerships enables WISE to:

  • share knowledge and services to assist jobseekers to get ready for work
  • actively engage with jobseekers, employers, service partners and the broader community to give jobseekers access to suitable jobs and support programs
  • inform the community and potential jobseekers about our services and programs
  • develop new referral partnerships
  • participate in community activities
  • invest in employment and training initiatives

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WISE Community Engagement Consultants

Our Community Engagement Consultants work across the community to promote WISE services and create links for jobseekers, businesses and community organisations to access our programs.

WISE has Consultants in most of our offices in Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and the Northern Territory.

Our Consultants ensure all WISE relationships and referral partners receive the highest level of attention and sufficient time to grow.

If you are interested in speaking with your nearest WISE Consultant, please email: enquiries@wiseemployment.com.au

If you would like to become a WISE community partner, please submit a community engagement partner form.

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WISE Community Links

WISE Employment actively engages with the community to provide comprehensive support to our jobseekers. We are particularly interested in establishing relationships with other community groups that share our vision. WISE welcomes the opportunity to exchange links with organisations that:

  • support one of our client groups such as: people with disability, businesses and unemployed people
  • want to communicate information relevant to jobseekers or employers.

If you would like to exchange weblinks with WISE Employment, please email: enquiries@wiseemployment.com.au

Weblink exchange criteria

WISE Employment seeks to actively engage the community on many levels. We are particularly interested in establishing relationships and engaging with other community groups that share our vision. WISE welcomes the opportunity to exchange links with other community organisations. Preference is given to organisations that broadly speaking:

• Support one of our client groups (e.g. people with a disability, unemployed, businesses).

• Demonstrate that they are a strong supporter of the local community.


Community links

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria is a not-for-profit, self-funded organisation. Beginning as a support group in 1994, it became an incorporated organisation in 1999, maintained by a team of dedicated volunteers and a few casual staff. ADAVIC aim to give support and encouragement to individuals suffering from anxiety and mood disorders.

Aboriginal Counselling Services
Aboriginal Counselling Services (ACS) is a business established to help Aboriginal families and communities overcome some of the social diseases that confront us. ASC provides crisis intervention and therapeutic counselling for families, individuals and communities within NSW, in a way that is sensitive and appropriate based on the individual’s circumstances.

Aboriginaljobz is a 100% owned and operated Aboriginal website set up to enhance Aboriginal people’s access to employment and training opportunities across Australia. Their aim is to provide a new media tool in employment and training opportunities nationally and a new online network which connects employers and trainers directly to over 5000 Aboriginal job seekers.

The Australian Employers' Network on Disability (AEND)
The AEND is a member based not-for-profit organisation, taking a leadership role in improving employment opportunities for people with disability. They work with their 90 members to build 'disability confidence' by providing expert advice on disability, and services such as training, seminars, publications, consultancy and other tailored solutions. Membership to the Australian Employers' Network on Disability is open to all Australian businesses.

AMILE – ‘Advocating Mental Illness & Life Experience’
AMILE Advocacy Service Inc. is a not-for-profit health promotion charity offering support and information to families affected by mental illness. There are three support groups offered weekly, as well as an outreach service, transport assistance and group outings.

AQA Victoria
AQA Victoria Ltd is a non-profit organisation that provides support and services for people who sustain spinal cord injuries (quadriplegia and paraplegia) and similar physical disabilities and believe that people with physical disabilities should have the opportunity to live, work and participate in the community without barriers.

Autism Tasmania

Autism Tasmania supports parents, professionals and individuals with Autism, Asperger Syndrome and related conditions. Autism Tasmania has a family support service and can offer advice on education and other matters.

Banyule Nillumbik Local Learning and Employment Network (BNLLEN)
The Banyule Nillumbik Local Learning and Employment Network (BNLLEN) is one of the 31 Local Learning and Employment Networks (LLENs) established throughout the state during 2001-2002 to improve post compulsory education and training provision in Victoria. The BNLLEN encompasses the local government areas of Banyule and Nillumbik and works with key stakeholders at the local community. .

BSG Employment and Training services
BSG Employment and Training Services is quickly becoming one of Australia's most respected Aboriginal Consultancy agencies who specialise in Aboriginal engagement services. BSG Employment and Training Services are committed to promoting independent learning and self confidence to all Aboriginal job seekers.

Calm Clinic
A website that shows anxiety and panic attacks sufferers where to start dealing with their anxiety. It covers topics such as therapy, signs, triggers, techniques, specific issues related to anxiety, diet considerations and many other important issues.

Career Connections
Career Connections is part of an Australian Government initiative, Careers Advice Australia (CAA), to deliver career and transition services to support secondary schools and build partnerships with industry employers and the local community in the north of Melbourne. Our aim is to help young people prepare for their working life by linking education, industry and the community through events, projects and services, such as SWL Information Sessions, Adopt a School Projects and the Northern Melbourne VET Awards.

depressioNet is committed 'around the clock' to improving the mental health and wellbeing of people impacted by depression through the provision of a unique internet based service, offering hope and understanding, information and support.

Edge Radio
Edge Radio provides a progressive, interactive community service that is committed to enhancing Hobart’s culture by providing a credible, not-for-profit service that fills a void in Hobart’s airwaves. As Hobart’s only youth focused community station, they provide a mix of arts, music, entertainment, local journalistic content and information to enhance Hobart’s cultural landscape. Edge broadcasts to the greater Hobart area on 99.3fm.

Emigration Expert
Emigration Expert is a public interest website, offering a unique reference point on moving abroad with ease by ensuring that people have all the information needed for a new life overseas. All features and articles are written by professional journalists and experts - who have a particular interest, or a background in this area.

Fraynework is a not-for-profit organisation established to create multimedia productions, which promote greater understanding between peoples and which contribute to the development of a more just and compassionate world. Fraynework assists people to tell their stories in clear, compelling, informative and engaging ways through rich media and the interactivity of digital formats. We call this 'digital story telling'.

Hobsons Bay City Council
Do you want to volunteer? Hobsons Bay City Council in Victoria has over 100 volunteer positions registered on our website by local and regional community organisations that need volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet new people, learn new skills and get active. For more information on how you can volunteer in the Hobsons Bay area,

Hume Moreland Primary Care Partnership
The Hume Moreland Primary Care Partnership (HMPCP) is an alliance of more than 30 health and community service providers operating within the Hume and Moreland local government areas. The main aim of this partnership is to improve the experience of primary health care service consumers and to deliver improved health and well being outcomes for the Hume and Moreland Communities.

Indigital Centre
Since their foundation in 1995, Fraynework has held a strong commitment to the empowerment of Indigenous Australians and to the education of the non-Indigenous population regarding Indigenous culture and history. Fraynework works in collaboration and consultative partnership with Indigenous peoples across Australia on a range of projects including website developments, online teaching and learning resources, CD-Roms, videos and print material.

Koori Business Network
The Koori Business Network (KBN) addresses Indigenous disadvantage through the provision of programs, initiatives, business support, and the coordination and promotion of artistic and cultural Indigenous events, in order to assist in the sustainable social and economic growth of Koori communities and businesses throughout Victoria.

Koorie Night Market
The Koorie Night Market (KNM) is an Aboriginal festival celebrating and promoting Koorie arts, culture and identity. Consisting of well known Koorie musicians and a range of arts, crafts and services offered by in excess of 40 Koorie artisan-stallholders at each market, the Koorie Night Market has an electric atmosphere and is a bridge between cultures.

Lakhanda Media Centre
Lakhanda is a Sri Lankan Radio program broadcast over the 3MDR Radio Station, Melbourne and aims to provide the best possible programs to satisfy the needs of its listeners for informative, educational and family oriented entertainment.

Mental Health at Work
Mental health at work (mh@work) is an International organisation aimed at improving the wellbeing and productivity of people and workplaces. mh@work aims to create workplaces that are mentally healthy, resilient and supportive through a range of innovative educational tools and services.

National Indigenous Times
National Indigenous Times (NIT) is Australia's leading Indigenous Affairs news provider. Every day thousands of Aboriginal Australians, Torres Strait Islanders and ‘whitefellas’ read NIT. From land rights, native title and treaty to reconciliation, stolen wages and Aboriginal art, NIT gives an in-depth look at black and white Australia..

Reconciliation Australia
An independent, not-for-profit organisation, established in 2000 by the former Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation, Reconciliation Australia is the peak national organisation for building and promoting reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians for the wellbeing of the nation. They seek to eliminate the glaring gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, by promoting and building better relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians for the benefit of all Australians.

Replas Environmental Centre

As a supporter of Australian manufacturing, Wise Employment is proud to be associated with Friends of the Replas Environmental Centre (REC). The REC offers a space for companies who are passionate about providing sustainable solutions to display their products and services. The centre features a large exhibition area, theatre and conference room, and offers visitors to the centre the opportunity to learn about alternative solutions to traditional problems. To see what’s on offer, or to join Friends of the Replas Environmental Centre, please visit the REC website for more information.


Reconciliation Victoria

Reconciliation Victoria works towards just and respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. As the state peak body for reconciliation in Victoria, we seek to improve the understanding of Aboriginal culture and history, and the impact of ongoing social injustice on Indigenous people through a range of partnerships, policy work and public events.

Tasmanian Amputee Society inc.
The Tasmanian Amputee Society provides support and information for all amputees within the community and is provided by a funded non-government organisation. Services include:
• Regular meetings
• Home visits
• Social activities
Email: peter.hatters@bigpond.com.au

Volunteer Work
You Can-Build, Protect, Teach and Care through volunteering programs. Starfish Ventures specialises in volunteer travel, programs and volunteer work in Thailand.

WIRE – women’s information

Women's Health West is committed to improving the health, safety and wellbeing of women in Melbourne's diverse Western Region. They support individual women and communities, and work collaboratively with government and other agencies across the West of Melbourne and statewide in Victoria. Women's Health West Sunrise groups commence meeting again in February 2008, for more information visit:

Women’s Health West
Women's Health West is committed to improving the health, safety and wellbeing of women in Melbourne's diverse Western Region. They support individual women and communities, and work collaboratively with government and other agencies across the West of Melbourne and statewide in Victoria. Women's Health West Sunrise groups commence meeting again in February 2008, for more information visit:

Wyn Bay LLEN
Wyn Bay Local Learning and Employment Network (Wyn Bay LLEN)’s mission is to optimise learning and sustainable employment opportunities for all young people in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay. And its vision is, that by working collaboratively and strategically, they can achieve the State Government’s education target (by 2010, 90% of young people will complete Year 12 or its ‘equivalent’) in Wyndham and Hobsons Bay, Victoria, and transition into further education or sustainable employment.

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Community engagement success stories

The best way to illustrate our community engagement initiatives is through the success stories with some of our partners.

Campbell House Specialist Secondary School and WISE Liverpool partnership

In August 2010, Campbell House Specialist Secondary School (NSW) partnered with WISE Liverpool to get students with disability ready for work when they left school.

Over 18 months, 16 students received their Occupational Health and Safety white card through WorkCover NSW. This allowed the students to access worksites and experience the TAFE component of various construction courses. It also meant that they were able to engage in a TAFE taster program that helped them experience a ‘day in a life of a tradesperson’, and begin skills training.

Passing an external exam raised the students' self-esteem and helped to build enough confidence to sit the formal exams required for the School Certificate. The students saw the direct link between gaining credentials for their resume and entry into further learning and work opportunities.

WISE provided work experience placements so that students could enter skills training in the construction Industry at TAFE. Twelve students received a statement of attainment, 10 students were accepted into T-Vet courses at TAFE in 2012 and nine students gained paid part-time work because WISE organised real-life experience to add to their resume.

Campbell House Assistant Principal Kay Howe said all of the students gained belief in themselves as future workers.

“We sincerely thank you for making all these outcomes possible and value our partnership greatly. Without you, work education would remain theoretical and not experiential. Thank you for helping our students to see, feel, live and breathe work!”

Read more success stories about WISE community engagement.

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