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Job in Jeopardy program assists staff at risk of losing jobs due to illness, injury or disability

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WISE Employment may be able to assist your staff who could be at risk of losing their job due to an illness, injury or disability through the cost-free Job in Jeopardy assistance program.

What is Job in Jeopardy assistance?

The Job in Jeopardy program can help your staff who are ill, injured or have a disability to remain in work. The service is free for employees and employers as it’s funded by the Federal Government’s Disability Employment Services (DES) program, and accessed through WISE Employment.

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Job in Jeopardy assistance may include:

• advice about re-designing an employee’s job so they can keep working
• a workplace assessment to see how it can be changed to promote a supportive working environment
• specialised equipment to help staff do their job


Job in Jeopardy assistance is easier than you might think because:

• employees must have been employed for at least eight hours per week on average over the last 13 weeks
• employees are not receiving assistance from another disability employment services (DES) provider


Employees/workers helped by Job in Jeopardy do not need to:

• be receiving a payment from the Department of Human Services.
• have an Employment Service Assessment completed by the Deptartment of Human Services
• have a medical certificate

Job in Jeopardy benefits to employers include:

• maintaining staff and business productivity
• retaining skilled and knowledgeable staff
• offering support to your staff who face barriers in maintaining a job
• creating a disability-friendly workplace
• WISE Employment provides up to 12 months of specialist employment support to assist your staff in maintaining their job
• we can help you to access other government employment assistance

Please note that eligibility requirements apply.

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Contact WISE Employment for more information about Job in Jeopardy 

To find out more about Jobs in Jeopardy or to refer someone in need of employment assistance, please contact WISE Employment:

Free-call: 1800 685 105 or 1800 851 262
Email: mandcenquiries@wiseemployment.com.au