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Have a disability? WISE Employment can help you find work

Register your interest as a WISE Employment job seeker

If you have been out of work for a day, a month or even years and have a disability, WISE Employment can help you find meaningful work.

In this month’s national radio campaign WISE Employment is reaching out to people with a disability to contact us for assistance in gaining employment – all you need to do is register as a WISE job seeker.

Register as a WISE job seeker

We help people from all backgrounds find employment, including people who :

• have never or seldom worked due to disability or illness, including mental illness
• have been unemployed for a short time or a long time
• who worked for years then been retrenched
• considered returning to work after caring for family.

We also help:

• Indigenous job seekers, asylum seekers or refugees
• Youth
• Mature-age workers.

Our free employment services to job seekers with disability include:

• Identifying your skills
• Creating a job plan
• Setting your career goals
• Interview coaching
• Resume (and cover letter) help
• Interview clothes
• Transport assistance
• Work experience
• Training
• On-the-job support
• Promoting you to employers
• Personal WISE employment consultant
• Occupational rehabilitation
• Workplace modifications

WISE Employment has VIC, NSW, SA, TAS and NT to help you find a job.

Register your interest as a WISE Employment job seeker today.

Read more about WISE Employment’s services to jobseekers.

Over the last financial year, WISE has helped close to 2,000 people who have a disability into a meaningful job.

View WISE Employment jobseeker success stories.

Testimonials from WISE Employment job seekers with a disability whom we’ve helped find work:

“My disability is anxiety, bipolar and depression, and working with WISE I overcome a little bit of it every day. Go and see WISE, they’ll get you up off the couch, they helped me find my career so I think if they can help me find a job they can help anyone.” – Rebecca

“My name is Jayson and I have poor hearing, short memory and I have lower back problems. WISE are there to help you find work and push you forward in life. They’ve helped me find more work and given me more hours. I just love to work. I love to do something with my life and make myself feel useful.” – Jayson

“I found it really difficult to get a job because of my dyslexia. They organised a job plan for me. They got me into training and now I just adore the aged care. I love my clients. Now I’m pursuing a career in nursing, that’s my real main goal.” – Vicki

“I had an aneurism that led to a serious stroke. WISE gave me a lot of care and attention that I couldn’t find anywhere else and helped me get a job in a call centre. I would recommend WISE to anyone. – Tim

“I found it hard to find a job due to mental health issues and single parenting. WISE understood my needs, they were supportive, and helped me get a job that I love. I’m now the Operations Manager for Ecomist.” – Cassie