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English skills help Jennifer SEE way to new job

SEE Interskills trainer Maxine (left) with Interskills Training client, Jennifer (right).

When Jennifer first arrived in Australia her English skills were non-existent, her work options limited and her future uncertain. With the help of the Interskills Training team and the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program, Jennifer is now on the right track with a job she loves and a bright future.

Jennifer moved to Australia from Croatia several years ago and although she boasted fluency in five languages, English was not among them. Her first job was cutting cauliflowers but she wanted to do something more and found herself in the capable hands of Interskills who enrolled her in the Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) program to improve her language, literacy and numeracy.

Funded by the Australian Government, SEE is designed to help job seekers participate more effectively in training or in the labour force.

Jennifer said that without English she didn’t have a chance at getting the kind of job she wanted. “Interskills helped me a lot with my English skills and also to learn about the laws and culture in Australia. I worked hard and studied a lot to learn the skills I needed to be successful,” she added.

SEE Interskills Team Leader, Joyce Paliza-Benda, said that many students like Jennifer come to the program needing help with their language, literacy or numeracy. “Our job is to make sure they have the basics in place, to empower them with those fundamental skills so they can move forward with their life.”

In Jennifer’s case that’s exactly what happened. She applied for a role with Great Southern Rail, and after practicing interview techniques in class she successfully landed a job as a Housekeeping Service Operator on the India Pacific and Ghan lines.

Jennifer has received a commendation from her manager and is already in training to become a team leader.

The knock-on effect of working for Jennifer has been huge – she’s now more independent, confident and reports that her children are proud of her new language skills.

“Interskills changed my life. It is full of friendly and helpful people who understood me and were supportive. Thanks to them I have a very nice job after only one year of training – I feel very lucky,” said Jennifer.

“If somebody asks me which school is the best for English learning, I will say to them ‘come with me to Interskills’ and I’ll take them by the hand and lead them there,” she added.

To find out more about Interskills and the SEE program, go to interskills.edu.au or free-call Interskills Training on 1800 779574.

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