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WISE Employment Emissions Graph

WISE Employment’s commitment to strengthening the community includes taking responsibility for our impact on the environment.

We recognise that climate change poses the greatest risk to low income and disadvantaged groups who are likely to be affected by:

• higher temperatures and longer and more frequent and severe weather events
• economic and social impacts of drought
• increased costs for essential goods and services
• damage to housing and the built environment.

Since late 2010, WISE Employment has retained carbon neutral status under Scopes 1, 2 and partial Scope 3 emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Read more about our status.

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WISE Employment has made it an organisational mission to investigate, develop and implement solutions and initiatives that contribute to the Earth’s environmental sustainability.

Our organisational culture promotes environmental awareness by encouraging every employee to act in an environmentally responsible manner in the workplace. And we show them how with the help of a dedicated Environment Officer located at our Head Office.

We believe our environmentally responsible initiatives will complement our social responsibility and financial sustainability.

WISE Employment’s environmental policy is consistent with the requirements of ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems. WISE uses the Victorian Environment Protection Authority’s Carbon Management Principles to manage its carbon emissions. These principles are: Measure, Set objectives, Avoid, Reduce, Switch, Assess and offset.

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At the end of 2010, WISE Employment began purchasing green power for each of its sites across Australia.  All of the electricity now used in our head office and our branches is 100% green power.

WISE also calculates and offsets:

  • the fuel we use in fleet cars.
  • business travel including flights, taxis and car rental
  • extraction and production of fuel (including petrol, diesel, electricity and gas)
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Green audit

WISE’s green credentials are independently audited each year by Net Balance Management Group (Net Balance).

2010/11 audit results

Net Balance independently verified our 2010/11 Greenhouse Gas Inventory using the following greenhouse gas emissions sources to calculate our status:

  • Direct emissions (Scope 1)
    • petrol for vehicles - company-owned vehicle
    • diesel for vehicles - company-owned vehicle
    • engine oil for vehicles
    • purchased gas for heating
    • refrigerants
  • Indirect emissions (Scope 2)
    • purchased electricity for buildings
  • Other indirect emissions (Scope 3)
    • air travel
    • emissions from fuel extraction for petrol
    • emissions from fuel extraction for diesel
    • emissions from fuel extraction for engine oil
    • indirect emissions of fuel extraction at generation and electricity lost in delivery in the
    • transmission and distribution network
    • taxi
    • car rental
    • purchased gas for heating.

Net Balance has told us it is their ‘opinion that the 2010/11 GHG Inventory is a reliable and complete account of Wise Employment’s greenhouse impact during the reporting period’.

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A wind farm


WISE measures its carbon footprint, reduces its greenhouse gas emissions through environmentally responsible practices and offsets the remainder through an accredited wind farm project.

The Tamil Nadu Wind project in India is part of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). Beyond the carbon benefits, this project promotes sustainable development, helps to alleviate poverty and provides investment in new clean technologies.

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External partnerships

WISE Employment’s head office building in North Melbourne is a signatory to the City of Melbourne’s CitySwitch green office program. Signatories commit to achieving a 4-stars or higher energy rating of greenhouse gas emissions each year. WISE head office currently has a NABERS Energy 6-star rating.

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The WISE Employment environmental logo. It says WISE Employment reducing out footprint

WISE Footprints

WISE Employment produces a green newsletter every two months for our staff around Australia. WISE Footprints contains articles, facts and tips on everything to do with creating a better environment in our workplaces, homes and communities. We are happy to share this useful information with visitors to our website.

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